Friday, June 25, 2010


All of the old stuff has been deleted and for good reason. It was too painfull to read and rehash. I could remember all the details of each day, including those details never written about, and I'd rather not go there again.

Today is June 25th, and while I awoke this morning aware that the restraining order on what's his face expires today, it was only moments ago that I realized other funny little fact. It's been exactly 3 months since I finally, finally stood up for my kids and me.

After midnight tonight, I must take that stand again, as I know too well that the games never end with him. He gets too big of a rise outta being the bully and instilling fear into those he wishes to manipulate and control. I feel sorry for that man, Frank. More than anything, I guess I pity my own son for the fact that this is who and what he gets: an abusive, pathological lying, selfish load who is trying so desperately to be 25 again. My poor boy.

Anyway, that's way too many lines attributed to such a pathetic fool, so that shall be the end of that. Kharma's already stepped in to a certain extent.

I WILL say, however, that truth and justice are rumored to prevail. Soon, very soon, it shall. Thank God for a front row seat.

My children and I are worthy of so much more.